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What happens at death?*

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Two things are allotted to man, to be born and to die, but what happens immediately when we die? Do we go directly to heaven or hell? Is our soul left to wander the earth to haunt other unfortunate souls still in the valley of decision? Or do we watch on from another dimension as our families live on happily without us leaving us soon to become a forgotten memory in time. So many questions, and as before the Bible has the answers-

Genesis 2 : 7 - Living Soul = Dust of the Earth + Breath of Life

Ecclesiasities 12 : 7 Living Soul - Breath of Life = Dust

Psalms 146 : 3,4 - Living Soul - Breath of Life =Thoughts Perish

Ecclesiasities 9: 3 - 10 - The dead know nothing, The dead can do nothing. Dead men tell no tales.

Isa 38:17-20 - Praise God now while you still have a chance, for when you are dead, you can't.

So in conclusion a dead person can't breath on you, can't advise you, cant talk back to you, can't appear to you, can't send messages back to you, not existing in heaven, hell or another dimension and definitely can't haunt you. When a person is dead, they are really dead. dead dead...

The question which then remains is this: Is death really then the end?

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