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What happens after Death - Resurrection*

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

As we learnt last time, when we die, our thoughts perish. So is that really the end? Well it would have been, if it wasn't for the love of one man- Jesus.

John 11: 21 - 25 Jesus is the resurrection and the life. The resurrection is not an event, it is a person.

1 Cor 15: 21 - 22 Because of Jesus, every single person who ever lived will be resurrected again.

John 5: 28 - 29 All resurrected unto two resurrections, Resurrection onto Life and the Resurrection unto Damnation.

1 Thes 4 : 13 - 17 The first resurrection unto life will occur at the second coming of Christ

Rev 20: 4 - 5 The second resurrection unto damnation will occur one thousand years after the first resurrection.

This answer now once again leaves us with more questions, What caused us to have to die in the first place and what was it that Jesus did to reverse it all. What will Christ's second coming be like and when will he return? And what shall we all be doing after being resurrected whether unto life or unto damnation. As we continue we shall try to address these questions. Remember these are short bible studies in nugget format so they can be memorized and shared with persons we come in contact with. Until next time - God bless.

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