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Trinidadian Tweet

Elder Kern:

Things are going good in Trinidad, in the east where Elder

Charles is situated all remains the same as the last delegates meeting. One new

thing: they are adding a little choir in their evangelistic thrust. Yesterday Sabbath he

had a tremendous experience and he is still filled with joy and good cheer. He feels

that his experience was taken up a notch. The singing was wonderful; Quite a

number of visitors. A sister shared she was trained by Swany and she is interested

in integrating herself with the health theme. Keep the area of health in prayer. The

project of putting up a health food store and treatment room is still in the making.

Next Sabbath they will be starting a grammar class and they are all excited.

Demetrius shared that it is very interesting that Elder Kern is the third person that

mentioned his high Sabbath experience. The grammar class is also something Elder

Leach would like to address: because we are Christians we think we can get away

with what the world cannot get away with. But we need to work on articulation,

etc… this will be a part of the training program as well.

Elder Kistow: The interest is growing. We are also seeing that we need to follow up

more. We have meetings on Thursdays in one place and we have the privilege to do

a lot of work there that usually would take a lot of red tape to do, but God has

blessed. In the ministry of Christ he sent out the 12 and then later the 70. We are

looking at building ministers and getting ready so that Christ has little lights all over.

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