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The Humanity of Jesus*

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Jesus was not simply a stranger to us when he came to our world, he truly understands us and the struggles we go through, because he went through them as well. Being who he was he not only had sympathy for us, he also had empathy combined with the solution on how to set us free. Do memorize the following texts, They indeed can be a comfort to the next person you meet. God bless.

Romans 1 : 3 - Jesus had DAVIDS's Flesh (sinful flesh)

Romans 8 : 3 - While in our SINFUL flesh, He condemned sin in the flesh,

Hebrews 2 : 14 - If he had not OUR flesh it would have been impossible for him to die and be victorious over the prince of death.

Hebrews 4 :15 - Because of the type of flesh he took on, he has felt everything similar to what we are going through. He has felt hurt, loneliness, shame, nakedness. He has felt the cravings of the pull of the flesh drawing on him in every point like us to let go of the father and satisfy himself, yet he held on to the father and has never once sinned.

Revelation 3 : 21 - Just like Jesus has overcome sin in the flesh so he has promised we also can overcome, not after life, but in this life, by following the same steps as Christ. Christ promises that while we yet live, we can be victorious. The throne is given to us, let us claim it in victory. Thank you lord for what you have done for us. Thank you

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