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God desires to take his wife on a date?

"My Darling, I love you so much :D Here look I have created this world for you. You know what? Why don't we set a date so we can meet and celebrate when I created you and this glorious world. Put on your finest and come to my banquet feast of blessings I have specially prepared for you. Sure we talk constantly via the phone line of prayer everyday, but I want to spend some quality time with you. My precious one, Let's meet back here in seven days... I'll be waiting."

One day I was called into the office by my boss, and he asked me a rather interesting question- "Why would you not work on Saturday?". I told him because I believed Saturday is the sabbath... "do you not believe it to be so?" I asked. He said yes he believes that Saturday is the sabbath... I was confused... "but you are a pastor at a Sunday keeping church" I said. "Yes with reason" he continued- "you see I don't keep the sabbath, I keep the Lord's Day, just like all the early Christians did. The early Christians recognized that from the time Jesus was resurrected there was a change requesting us to keep that day instead". I had never heard that concept placed in that way before. :D Lets see what the bible says on the matter in a nutshell, as usual keeping it short.

When was it Created? On the seventh day - Gen 2:1-3

Who was it created for? All mankind...not just Jews- Mark 2: 27

How should it be kept & what is it's purpose? We honor God on this day as requested because we believe him to be our creator - Exodus 20:8-11

Can any day be the Sabbath? No -Exodus 16: 4-5 / Exodus 16: 26-30

Which day is the Lord's Day? - Rev 1:10 / Mark 2:28 / Isa 58 :13-14 / Luke 4:16

Which day the early Christians kept?- Acts 13:14,44 / Acts 17:2 / Acts 18 : 4

What day will the Redeemed keep? - Isa 66:23

So every sabbath he places a special blessing on the sabbath day, Jesus even when he was man also met on the appointed date. The question now is this... Will you show up, or will you leave your lover hanging.

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